We learn to express our love and adoration to God through songs and hand actions. 


Children's choir rehearses downstairs from 11:45am -12:45pm. 


We learn both Chinese and English songs, and share our worship with the Adult congregation through special presentations throughout the year, including Christmas, Mother's and Father's Day. 



Sunday School

Nursery (ages 2-3)

Primary (ages 3-5)

Junior (ages 6-8)

Senior ( ages 9-12)


We meet from 10:00am to 11:15am. 


We use ESV bibles, and have weekly lessons that our parents can discuss with their child.


We follow a simple presentation of the gospel:


A- Admit to God you are a sinner (Romans 3:23)

B- Believe Jesus is God's Son (John 3:16)

C- Confess HIm as Savior and Lord (John 1:12)

Children's Ministries

Training our children to fear God, is a great privilege and responsibility. We want to engage their hearts and minds to worship, trust, and obey God. We want to help every parent be good stewards of their children before God, helping them expose each child to the gospel truths of the Bible throgh Children's Worship, Sunday School, and Choir. 

Children's Worship are held on certain Sundays throughout the school year. It starts the same time Adult worship starts- 10am. 


We sing, read scripture, collect offerings, memorize verses, and present object lessons. Our own students help lead in various roles along adult teachers. 


By 10:20am, we dismiss to our Sunday Schools. 


Our motto: 

Worship in an Obedient Way: WoW! 



中文崇拜: 10:00 AM
英文崇拜: 11:45 AM
合堂主日崇拜: 10:00 AM

Chinese Service: 10:00 AM
English Service: 11:45 AM
Combined Service: 10:00 AM

十一月份 November

11/3    合堂 Combined
               洗禮 Baptism
11/10  分堂 Separate

11/17  分堂 Separate

11/24  合堂 Combined

               感恩節 Thanksgiving


763 Englewood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14223

(716) 832-6388

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十月份 October

10/6    分堂 Separate
10/13  分堂 Separate

10/20  分堂 Separate

10/27  分堂 Separate