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English Fellowships

Getting to know everybody is easier in a small group! We hope you can join one of our life groups below. 
Living Stones

Livingstones strives to glorify God by fostering spiritual growth and maturity within its members, forming Christ-like attributes in them, and helping them to be a people of God after His own heart. The ministry aims to train and equip God’s people to powerfully witness the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives, and faithfully serve Him and build His kingdom wherever they go. Livingstones endeavors to share the gospel with non believers and to bring them to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Ultimately, the ministry presses towards the fulfillment of the Great Comission: the advancement of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Living Truth

The first Saturday of every month is our post college fellowship night, meeting at our members' homes for dinner (6pm) and fellowship. Living Truth is open to all graduate students and professionals. Studies focus on topics which address your spiritual, relational, and practical needs as you enter the working world. 

Living Water

The third Saturday of every month is our married couples' fellowship night, meeting at our members' homes for dinner (5pm) and study (6pm). Living Waters is opoen to all couples or individuals who are married, or are looking towards marriage. We are currently studying principles of biblical marriage. 

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