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現場主日崇拜 In-Person Worship Service Update 5/20/21


  • 無需註冊。

  • 我們將繼續在网上直播主日崇拜。

  • 我們將在教会会堂标有数字的長椅一侧繼續保持社交距離。未標記的長椅將不再需要保持社交距離。

  • 根據CDC和NYS指南,只有那些接種過COVID-19疫苗的人才能坐在不需保持社交距离的地方。尚未獲得疫苗接種資格的兒童可與接種疫苗的父母同坐。

  • 疫苗接種狀態將通過自我報告(榮譽系統)確定。

  • 直到COVID-19社區病例減少之前,我們將繼續在教堂大樓內使用口罩/遮蓋物,但接受疫苗接種的同工(主席,领诗和牧師)除外。

  • 聖餐將繼續使用預先包裝的聖餐。

  • 我們將延迟在中文崇拜期間开启兒童主日学。

In light of recent CDC and NYS guidelines, we are adjusting our guidelines for in-person Sunday morning worship.

  • Sign-ups are not required.

  • We will continue to live-stream our services for the time being.

  • Seating:

    • One side of the sanctuary will have marked pews where we will continue with social distancing. Un-marked pews will no longer require social distancing.

    • In accordance with CDC and NYS guidelines, only those who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 can sit without social distancing. Children who are not yet eligible for the vaccine may sit with their vaccinated parents.

    • Vaccination status will be determined through self-reporting (honor system).

  • Masks: For the time being, until community cases of COVID-19 decline, we will continue to require face masks/coverings while inside the church building, with the exception of vaccinated co-workers leading service (chairpersons, singspiration leaders, and pastors).

  • Communion will continue with pre-packaged communion elements.

  • Sunday School: We have resumed Sunday school for children 4yo - 6th grade during English worship service only (children will worship with their families and be dismissed for Sunday school prior to the sermon). During class, we will continue to observe social distancing and require masks for all children.

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