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Founded in 1978, the Buffalo Chinese Christian Church grew from a small student fellowship into the congregation it is today. In 1985, the church purchased its current building at 763 Englewood Ave. and has worshipped there to this day. As God has blessed the ministry at BCCC, the current physical facilities now lack the physical space and geographic location to best serve our congregation and community.


Through God’s grace and provision, a suitable property to better serve our congregation became available located at 4640 Main St. in Amherst, New York. The building currently houses the Crossroads Lutheran Church who will be vacating the facility in August 2021. After prayer and consideration, the church council along with a near unanimous vote from the congregation, has committed to purchasing this church building so that BCCC can continue to grow the ministry that God has entrusted to us.


We have begun a fundraising campaign – Project Jordan – to raise the remaining $400,000 necessary to complete this purchase as well as perform the necessary renovations to fully utilize the new facility God has blessed us with.


Current Progress (Updated Weekly)

If you wish to donate to Project Jordan, we have multiple ways to accept your tax-deductible donation:

Writing with Pen

Please make checks out to:
Buffalo Chinese Christian Church

Project Jordan

Mail to:
P.O. Box 1003
Williamsville NY 14231


Laptop Online Giving:

Please CLICK HERE or give through the app.


At this time we ask that the online portal only be used for donations to Project Jordan and not for general offering.



Wire Transfer:
Please contact Brother Herbert Lau ( or Brother Eric Wu ( Once we verify your information, we will provide the necessary account numbers to complete the transfer.


Project Jordan

Project Jordan

Joshua 3:5

Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves,
for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you.”

The idea behind naming the church building project “Project Jordan” was born out of the parallels seen between the journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land and the journey of Buffalo Chinese Christian Church. Guided by the presence of the Lord, we press onward towards what God has promised us. While there have been setbacks along the way, God has always remained faithful and draws us back to Him. And as many of those in the previous generation who led us up to this point have now rested in the Lord, the next generation of church leaders in BCCC stand at the precipice of where God has brought us.

The crossing of the Jordan river in Joshua 3 reminds us of the need for faith and obedience to God’s word in order to enter into what God has promised us. First of all, Joshua commanded that the Ark of the Covenant be brought to the very front in order to go before the Israelites as they cross the Jordan. It is a reminder to the Israelites that God leads them, and they must follow His direction. Secondly, God did not promise that the waters would already be parted before the Israelites arrived at the banks of the Jordan river. He did not promise that they would see the safe pathway before taking the first step. The Israelites must set foot in the water first before God promised to part the waters of the Jordan.

Likewise, we at the Buffalo Chinese Christian Church see God’s steadfast faithfulness to us throughout multiple generations and all that God has done in providing this new building for us. But we also see this final financial hurdle in front of us. So, we step out in obedience, trusting that it is the Lord who leads us and looking forward to the great work that he has prepared for us.


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跨越約旦計畫認獻表 Project Jordan Pledge

Please fill out the pledge form online or download the PDF and notify Eric Wu ( or Herbert Lau ( once you have completed your pledge. 完成認獻表格後請交給 Eric Wu 弟兄( 或 Herbert Lau 劉廣儀弟兄 (

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