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The Buffalo Chinese Christian Church (BCCC) is a non-denominational church located in Amherst, NY.  We offer services in both Chinese and English.

BCCC was originally started by laymen (particularly Professor Ren-Deh Tuan) in the 60’s as a Bible study group in the Kenmore area, and it evolved into a church, which officially started in December 1978. While members include professionals and families, BCCC has been particularly effective in providing Christian love and fellowship to students from the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) and other colleges in the area.  We are like a family, providing a “home away from home” to the students.

Regular attendance at worship services and fellowships ranges from around 100-120 people at present. In spite of its small size, our church has been unusually effective in leading people to Christ, which has been evident through baptismal services as well as our ministries in Buffalo and around the world.  Furthermore, BCCC has been a “stepping stone” for Christians to become full-time workers for Christ.  Our current pastor, Rev. Sunny Lee, accepted Christ and was baptized in BCCC in 1982, when he was a student at UB.  Rev. Samuel Yau, a former pastor of BCCC, also accepted Christ in this church.

Whether you are coming to study, relocating, or visiting, we invite you to visit our church and become a part of this precious family of God’s love.

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