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> 教會重新開放 Church Re-opening

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  • 您不再需要網上報名。

  • 由於大流行疾病的性質不穩定,所有計劃都是暫定的,隨時可能更改。

  • 我們將繼續直播我們的主日崇拜。

    • ​如果您是患COVID-19重症的高危人群(65歲以上或患有常見慢性疾病的人群;請參閱CDC指南),或者在最近14天曾去過COVID-19感染率高的地區的人,請繼續與我們一同進行遠距崇拜。

    • 如果您生病,感覺不適或出現任何症狀,請繼續與我們一同進行遠距崇拜。

  • 在保證家庭之間能保持6英尺的社交距離的情況下,會堂能容納25 到45人的聚會。

    • 每一排長椅都標有數字。

    • 英文堂會眾將使用雙數座椅。中文堂將使用單數座椅。

    • 座位僅限於長椅的兩端,並且已被標示。

  • 請僅通過大門進入;通往樓下團契的門將被上鎖。

  • 請從鋼琴後面的門離開會堂進入停車場。

  • 進入教會大堂前,在大堂門外將有一個篩查站,您將在那裡檢查體溫,並詢問您是否有任何症狀或是否與任何患病的人有過接觸。

  • 在教堂內請戴口罩。

  • 整個教堂將提供乾洗手液。

  • 在教堂內,請保持社交距離。

  • 聚會當中我們不會收奉獻;我們將繼續通過郵政信箱接收奉獻

  • 我們于8月份恢復聖餐並使用預先包裝好的餅杯。


  • 將沒有任何托兒服務。

  • 如果有需要,每個家庭將在教堂裡有一個指定的房間,供家長在聚會中使用。

  • 兒童將與家人一同在大堂崇拜或是在指定房間崇拜。

  • 為了遷就兒童,我們縮短了敬拜的時間。


Guidelines for In-person Worship

If you will be joining us in person for Sunday morning worship, we ask that you follow these guidelines carefully. If you have any questions about re-opening, please email

  • Sign-ups are no longer required.

  • Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic, all plans are tentative and subject to change.

  • We will continue live-streaming our services.

    • If you are at risk of becoming seriously ill from COVID-19 (those over the age of 65 or any age with medical comorbidities; see CDC guidelines), or have traveled to an area with high rates of COVID-19 infections in the last 14 days, please continue to worship remotely with us.

    • If you are sick, not feeling well, or exhibiting any symptoms, please worship remotely with us.

  • The sanctuary will hold around 25-45 people safely with 6 ft of social distancing between households.

    • Pews will be marked with numbers.

    • The English congregation will use even-numbered pews; Chinese congregation will use odd-numbered pews.

    • Seating is limited to the ends of pews only and will be marked. 

  • Please enter through the main doors only; the downstairs fellowship door will be locked.

  • Exit through the door at the front of the sanctuary behind the piano into the parking lot.

  • Upon entering the church, there will be a screening station outside of the sanctuary where you will have your temperature checked and be asked if you have had any symptoms or contact with anyone sick.

  • Face masks/coverings will be required while inside the church.

  • Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the church.

  • Please observe social distancing while inside the church.

  • We will not use offering bags during services; we will continue to accept offerings mailed to our PO box.

  • We will resume communion in August with pre-packaged communion elements.

For Families with Children

  • Childcare will not be available.

  • Each family will have a designated outflow room in the church to use during service, if needed.

  • Children will remain with families in the sanctuary or in their designated room.  

  • To accommodate children, we have shortened our worship service.  

Please watch this short video before joining us for in-person worship.
English Guidelines
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